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Fellow, Class of 2023

Catherine Michelutti

Bioengineering and Economics , Bioethics
Bellingham, WA

Catherine is pursuing an uncoordinated dual degree with Wharton and the School of Engineering and Applied Science. As a bioengineering major with a pre-med focus, Catherine is interested in innovating new technology, such as artificial intelligence, to advance the medical field. In her research, Catherine learned about the high costs of medical technology in poorer countries. She wants to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to make medicine more accessible and to create treatments to fit people’s specific needs through precision medicine. She thinks the Paideia program’s focus on communication and dialogue will help her learn how to communicate scientific ideas to people with differing viewpoints and backgrounds as well as understand their perspectives. Machine learning in medicine is a relatively new field and some people, understandably, may be weary of it. She thinks building trust between medical professionals and communities is vital and this can only be done through having thoughtful conversations. At Wharton, she is interested in pursuing an operations, information, and decisions concentration. She hopes to gain the skills in operations and management to facilitate access to medical technology for all people regardless of socioeconomic background. She sees the Paideia program as aiding her in the pursuit of this concentration by teaching her how to make informed decisions based on ethics and social values.

Catherine has many interests in the sciences as well as the humanities. These hybrid interests are reflected in her extracurricular activities that include neuroscience, biomedical, musical, and sport-related activities. At Penn, Catherine plays violin with the Penn Symphony Orchestra and she is a member of the Penn Neuroscience Society. To fuel her interest in computer science in medicine, this summer Catherine did research with a professor at the Perelman School of Medicine using machine learning to study variables that impact organ transplant success. Her involvement in a wide range of activities has shaped her identity by providing an opportunity to connect with peers with different interests and backgrounds. It is through exposure to diverse peer groups that Catherine learned to value the importance of communication and civil discourse.

As a SNF Paideia Fellow, Catherine hopes to improve her civil discourse through conversing with her peers and gain valuable service experiences and learn new perspectives through interacting with the Philadelphia community.

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