AboutOur PeopleKira Lucas
Kira Lucas headshot
Fellow, Class of 2023

Kira Lucas

English and Cinema Studies
Buford, GA

Kira’s interest in the SNF Paideia Fellowship was sparked by her early pre-orientation experiences in PennCORP. It was through PennCORP, organized by Civic House, that Kira gained knowledge about the systems in urban environments that maintain the cycles of poverty and of various social justice issues impacting the immediate-Philly community. Kira engaged in dialogue about important topics such as gentrification and racism in the United States. She gained an appreciation for the important role facilitators play in fostering a space where meaningful dialogue on difficult topics is possible. As a SNF Paideia fellow, Kira is curious to learn how to facilitate conversations about topics that can be divisive. She wants to learn how to engage with diverse opinions, in an effort to collaborate on issues that impact both sides of the argument.

Kira comes to the SNF Paideia Fellows program with a depth of experiential knowledge. During the summer of 2019, she interned for Georgia Appleseed, a nonprofit legal organization that provides free legal assistance to poor and marginalized people. Georgia Appleseed specializes in issues relating to economic and social disparities impacting students in Atlanta public schools. And during the summer of 2020 Kira interned as a writer for the Borgen Project, a nonprofit organization that works to fight global poverty by bringing awareness to pertinent issues through their online blog and magazine articles, as well as lobbying Congress to pass bills that are targeted to dismantle global poverty.

The Paideia Fellowship will help prepare Kira for a career as an immigration lawyer. She wants to serve as an advocate for improved rights for immigrants and an improved immigration system. Through her studies as an English major and intern writer, she has developed strong writing skills. As a SNF Paideia Fellow, Kira plans to balance her strengths by improving her public speaking skills and developing the ability to lead conversations about essential topics such as immigrant rights.