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Kristen Hipolit

College of Arts and Sciences
Critical Writing

Dr. Hipolit is an Advanced Lecturer in the Critical Writing Program at the University of Pennsylvania, where she teaches writing seminars that are focused on neuroscience topics as well as Craft of Prose. Her Writing Seminar courses have included “How our Brain Gets Things Done”, “The Social Brain”, “The Neuroscience of Free Will”, “How our Memories Define Us”, and “The Neuroscience of Violence”. Additionally, she is the director for the High School Summer Neuroscience Research Academy at Penn. Prior to her position in the Critical Writing Program, she was also an instructor for Penn’s post-baccalaureate pre-health program, where she taught introduction to biology and cell biology and biochemistry courses. Dr. Hipolit received her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania with research that focused on the cellular mechanisms underlying Parkinson’s Disease and has been teaching at Penn since 2012.

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