AboutOur PeopleMira Sydow
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Fellow, Class of 2024

Mira Sydow

Political Science, Design and Urban Studies
Johns Creek, Georgia

Mira is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences with interests in Urban Studies, Political Science, and Design. She is passionate about graphic design and Georgia politics. Both personally and professionally, she strives to combine those interests in ways that best serve her community.

Mira is fascinated by this intersection of politics and communications, whether that means translating campaign literature into multiple languages to cater to a diverse community or creating comprehensive branding to attract infrequent voters to a local election. Communication, she asserts, is a key factor of what mobilizes groups to engage with their communities and enact political change. Paramount to this philosophy is the fact that communication begins with listening. 

Professionally, Mira explores this interest through organizing with incredible grassroots student groups in Georgia, Communications-Directing the Georgia chapter of the Young Democrats of America, juggling campaign jobs on top of a full Penn course load, and interning on Capitol Hill. 

At Penn, she brings awareness to issues close to her heart by writing feature stories for 34th Street Magazine, communicating for the Nominations and Elections Committee and PennDems, and collaborating with PAACH to honor AAPI lives. 

Through the SNF Paideia Fellowship program, Mira hopes to learn new methods of organizing communities to supplement the endless work that eats up her evenings. She battles the constant doubt that the work she does for her community is not enough, and she strives to become a better, more mindful listener to best serve in whatever role her future holds.