AboutOur PeopleSarah Asfari
Headshot of Sarah Asfari
Fellow, Class of 2024

Sarah Asfari

Raleigh, North Carolina

Sarah is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences with an interest in sociolinguistics, foreign languages, and sociology with hopes to major in Sociology, Linguistics, or Modern Middle East Studies. Sociolinguistics is the study of regional and identity-based variations in language and Sarah would like to learn more about how others use language to express themselves, their identities, and opinions through dialogue. She sees her academic studies as a gateway to understanding the history of linguistic discrimination that sometimes underlies larger conversations about race, racism, elitism, and other social issues. Sarah knows that studying sociology and the Middle East gives these conversations even more depth.

Humanities and social science majors require a lot of open-minded reception of information, and I know that practicing dialogue within the SNF Paideia program will help me develop the right mindset for receiving diverse perspectives within my field.

Sarah is excited to ground her academic studies with experiential practice through the fellowship program.

Outside of her academic pursuits, Sarah volunteered at her mosque’s Sunday school. As a volunteer teacher, Sarah served her community by engaging with its youngest members. “Serving my community through teaching is something that became such a crucial part of my connection to my community over the past few years. I got to know many community members that I would probably not have met otherwise, and I felt that the school was making a huge and positive impact on students. Connecting students with their religious community and creating a space to discuss religious topics is so important.”