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The civic mission of higher education has been part of Penn’s DNA since its founding by Benjamin Franklin. Today there are numerous centers, programs, and organizations across the University dedicated to various aspects of this mission. The SNF Paideia Program builds on, collaborates with, networks, and leverages these existing entities to make the Penn undergraduate experience greater, and more meaningful, than the sum of its individual parts.

Civic House Scholars 2019
Netter Center

Through the Netter Center, the University currently engages in three types of activities: academically based community service, direct traditional service, and community development.

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Fox Leadership

Through University-wide programming, Fox Leadership encourages students to consider the lessons in leadership and life articulated and modeled by Robert A. Fox, the leader after whom it is named: finding your passions; putting people first; and succeeding the right way.

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Civic House

Penn’s hub for civic engagement, the Civic House is centered around community organizations and social justice education, promoting mutually beneficial collaborations between Penn and Philadelphia community nonprofit organizations.

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The Andrea Mitchell Center

Global in its outlook, multifaceted in its purposes, the Andrea Mitchell Center seeks to contribute to the ongoing quest for democratic values, ideas, and institutions throughout the world.

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Wellness at Penn

The Wellness at Penn initiative affirms wellness as a core priority and necessary driver of life on campus. It offers opportunities to reflect and engage on issues of wellness, stress, mental health, resilience, happiness, personal and academic goals, and the meaning of success. And it defines wellness as an ongoing holistic process with multiple dimensions.

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Penn in Washington

With programming on campus as well as in Washington, D.C., Penn in Washington (PIW) supports students exploring public service careers. Attend speaker events with leaders in politics, government, and public policy or learn about internship opportunities using the PIW internship database.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

We at Civic House are delighted to partner with SNF Paideia during this Year of Civic Engagement to create an incubator in which Penn undergraduates can fashion an approach to civic engagement that understands service as a path to community and individual wellness.

Herman Beavers headshot
Dr. Herman Beavers
Professor of English and Africana Studies, Graduate Chair, Department of Africana Studies, Faculty Director Civic House

The Latest From Our Partners

Professor Angela Duckworth teaching her class Grit Lab

Penn’s pre-professional culture is the enemy of passion

In a recent Penn in Washington event, Ariana Berengaut, a former State Department speechwriter, quoted a remarkable statistic: nearly half… Read More
Democratic and Republican Symbols
In the News

The Future of Conservatism

The aftermath of Donald Trump’s election loss, the insurrection by his supporters at the United States Capitol, and the subsequent… Read More
Looking up at a large tree

Making Hope Actionable

Asked to give a favorite quote about nature, Elizabeth Main, sustainability coordinator for Penn Sustainability, refers to a Chinese Proverb. "The best time to plan a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now." Implicit in the quote is the urgency of our response to deforestation and climate change more generally. Equally implicit, however, is the hope that by the single, clear, definable action of “planting a tree,” we can be part of positive change.Read More
Zoom screen shot of Stacey Abrams and Ben Jealous
In the News

A conversation with Stacey Abrams

After Stacey Abrams lost the 2018 Georgia governor’s race, she said she was “the saddest I’ve ever been and the most worthless I’ve… Read More
Torn and tattered paper flag
Event Recap

In Search of Political Wellness: Thinking About Individual and Community Healing Across Political Difference

The past few months—from the protracted 2020 election, to the insurrection at the US Capitol building, to the change in tone and direction of the new Biden administration—have led to a range of emotional reactions. The SNF Paideia Program, in collaboration with Penn Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Wellness at Penn, Fox Leadership, and PORES created a wellness focused event to acknowledge the emotional toil and find ways to think about accountability and action as the country moves forward into 2021. Giving attention to individual and community wellness moment may need to foreground dialogue across political difference in this particularly intense political moment. The discussion relied on psychological insights from Dr. Batsirai Bvunzawabaya, director of outreach at CAPS, polling and leadership from Andrew Arenge and Sandy Vogel from the Fox Leadership and the PORES programs; and political science insights from Dr. Lia Howard at the SNF Paideia program.Read More
Penn students protesting Penn Police
In the News

Penn event explores structural causes of racism in policing

Experts in law, sociology, and political science discussed the structural roots of racism in law enforcement at a virtual event on Wednesday.Read More
Insurrectionists outside capital Jan 6, 2021
In the News

GOP politician, media figures bash Trump at Penn event on the future of conservatism

Republican politicians and media figures discussed their disillusionment with the GOP after four years of Trump at a virtual event on Feb. 24.Read More
Mar 25

Can We Talk? Student Forum

Can We Talk? Civil Dialogue for Troubled Times Come together with college students from around America. Get dialogue tips you can use on… Read More

“Racism and Anti-Racism in Contemporary America” panel discussions

“Racism and Anti-Racism in Contemporary America” is a preceptorial designed to provide a broad overview of the causes and consequences of racism in the United States, as well as ways in which this deep-seated “stain” on American society has been and might better be addressed. While racism and other forms of discrimination affect people of various identities, and exist in different forms across the globe, the focus of this preceptorial is specifically on racism towards African Americans in the United States. We hope to develop future preceptorials addressing other forms and locations of discrimination and structural inequality in the future.

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