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Fellowship Information

A structured and immersive experience.

The Paideia Fellowship Program is tailored to help students connect their general education and major requirements to public engagement and community building. Students may apply or be nominated for an SNF Paideia Fellowship in the spring semester of their first year. SNF Paideia Fellows participate in the program for three years, from the fall of sophomore year through senior year. The program combines academic courses, co-curricular events, and hands-on leadership experiences that enable students to more fully integrate wellness, service, citizenship, and dialogue with their Penn education.

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Meet with an advisor.

Students may apply or be nominated for an SNF Paideia Fellowship in the spring semester of their first year. Students who have questions may meet with a SNF Paideia staff member to discuss the program.  

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An interconnected education.

The Paideia Fellowship Program is a unique opportunity for students to bridge their academic interests with experiential development of skills essential to becoming an engaged global citizen.

What our Fellows are saying

Through the Fellows proseminar, I began to dive into the world of impact investing and realized the possibility to combine my career interest in finance and my passion for civic engagement, social justice, and environmental awareness. I never expected the SNF Paideia Fellows program to clarify the internal conflict I was having with my professional interests, but it did that and more. With guidance from the proseminar instructors, I discovered the intersection of business and social impact and now have a clearer sense of my path forward.

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Angelina Oh
College of Arts and Sciences, 2023

Structure of the Program


Enroll in a half-credit unit proseminar in the fall semester of their sophomore and junior years. Proseminars are designed to build community among the Fellows and to help students develop a vision for their time at Penn that integrates healthy civic engagement with their academic, personal, and professional goals.


Take an additional three Paideia designated courses, choosing the classes best suited to student interests and academic schedule. These courses may be taken at any time during a student’s four years at Penn. SNF Paideia designated courses will be noted on a student’s transcript.

Capstone Project

Complete a senior capstone project that integrates a Fellow’s major with civic dialogue, service, and/or wellness. This can be completed as part of the Capstone Project requirements of a student’s major. Paideia staff will advise each Fellow to tailor the goals and expectations to major requirements, academic interests, and civic engagement goals.

Unique Opportunities for Fellows


Engage in co-curricular activities related to issues of wellness, service, and citizenship designed exclusively for SNF Paideia Fellows.


Serve as student facilitators at SNF Paideia-sponsored campus events, and as mentors to future classes of SNF Paideia Fellows.


Apply for financial support for a summer internship that is related to SNF Paideia program themes. Funding could cover a stipend and housing costs while completing an internship (typically the summer after junior year).


Apply for up to $4,000 a year to execute a research or community project related to dialogue, service, civic engagement, or wellness. These funds can be used for various purposes including course and capstone-related work.

Those who successfully complete the SNF Paideia Fellows Program will receive a SNF Paideia Certificate.