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Dialogues across differences.

The Red and Blue Exchange (RBX) is committed to free and open inquiry into matters of public import, promotion of the robust exchange of divergent views, and the informed, reasoned, and respectful expression of ideas regardless of their ideology or popularity. RBX provides the skills and spaces for students to engage in transformative dialogue; to listen, probe, reflect, and learn about difficult and often contentious issues of the day; and to discover both common ground and areas of legitimate disagreement – all critical components of a healthy democratic society. RBX is made possible through the generous support of the Gamba family.

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The Latest From RBX

John Bolton sitting next to Lexi Boccuzzi on a stage.
In the News

Penn Political Union in Conversation with John Bolton

The former U.S. national security adviser was on campus as part of a series of speaker events that promote the free expression of differing views and provide a forum for civil dialogue across the political divide.Read More
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Good Talk

College students have become fearful of expressing their views. A new civil dialogue movement may restore healthy debate.Read More
headshot of David French
Event Recap

Conservative Writer David French Gives his Perspective on Political Division in the United States

The most politically engaged Americans are becoming “dangerously polarized,” even as the “exhausted majority” of Americans opt out of political discussion altogether, writer David French told a Penn audience recently in a Zoom event sponsored by the Red and Blue Exchange (RBX).Read More
Event Recap

Reflection on Loretta Ross and “Call in Culture”

We are living in a “dangerous moment for our democracy” that requires Americans to recalibrate how they respond to ideas and actions that displease them, activist and educator Loretta Ross told a captivated Zoom audience recently at a program sponsored by the Red and Blue Exchange.Read More
This photo is a screenshot of a Zoom call with Loretta Ross on the left box and Chris Satullo in the right box. Ross is mid speaking in the photo.
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Activist Loretta Ross Urges Productive Conversations Over Cancel Culture at Penn Event

The event, titled “Calling in the Calling Out Culture — A Dialogue with Loretta Ross,” explored Ross’s philosophy of standing… Read More
A screenshot of a Zoom call from the event "Can We Talk? Civil Dialogue for Troubled Times"
In the News

Students Talk Classroom Self-Censorship, Role of Greek Life at Virtual Penn Paideia Event

The event, one of the recurring “Can We Talk? Civil Dialogue for Troubled Times” conversations hosted by Penn's SNF Paideia Program,… Read More
Event Recap

Psychological Prescription for Strengthening Higher Education

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt believes American colleges need to help their students spend more time in “discover mode” - and less in “defend mode”.  To do this, he said recently at an event sponsored by Penn’s Red and Blue Exchange (RBX), colleges must rediscover and recommit to their original purpose, their telos: the brave pursuit of truth and the moral life.Read More

The RBX Team


headshot of Lia Howard
Faculty Staff

Lia Howard

Student Advising and Wellness Director
Chris Satullo headshot

Chris Satullo

Civic Engagement Consultant
Harris Sokoloff headshot

Harris Sokoloff

Graduate School of Education
Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Division

Moderators & Outreach

Linda breitstein headshot
Community Outreach

Linda Breitstein

Project Manager and Outreach Coordinator for the PA Project for Civic Engagement (PPCE)
Marisa Denker headshot

Marisa Denker

Co-Director and Co-Founder of Connect the Dots
Germaine Ingram headshot

Germaine Ingram

Consulting Associate for the PA Project for Civic Engagement (PPCE)
Serrano Legrand headshot

Serrano Legrand

Entrepreneurial Educator, Doctoral Candidate
Josh Warner headshot

Josh Warner

PA Project for Civic Engagement (PPCE)

About the Gamba Family

The Gamba family has long been committed to improving education and supporting marginalized students to secure a quality education. With multigenerational Penn ties, their support for educational initiatives took a new direction with their underwriting of the Red and Blue Exchange, with the intent to foster more discussions among differing political views at the University of Pennsylvania and beyond. In making their generous gift to establish the new program, John F. Gamba, W’61, PAR’92, and Mary Anne S. Gamba, HUP’65, G’84, PAR’92, said:

We hope students will delve into some of the most challenging topics currently facing society, learn to navigate the many different perspectives that exist around those topics, and find effective solutions to influence change—both in their time at Penn, and later, in their careers.

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The Red & Blue Exchange Student Forums promote the robust expression of divergent views and provides a form for the civil discourse critical to a healthy democratic society.

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