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The PARK Podcast

Where dialogue across difference is vital to community wellness. A space where open dialogue, the free exchange of ideas, and civil and robust expression of divergent views is valued. Exploring the research, practical application, and benefits of effective, ethical, and civil dialogue in a diverse world. Modeling respectful conversation that accurately and authentically frames contentious issues to cultivate an ideologically diverse audience.

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Series Five: Unlikely Friendships

A series of conversations with Penn students, faculty, and staff to learn about the qualities and characteristics of unlikely friendships.

Series Four: Self Care, Community Care, and Social Change

A series of conversations with Penn Alumni working to change some of America’s most intractable social problems to ask them how they take care of themselves so that they can sustain their fight on behalf of others.

Series Three: Communities of Practice

A series of conversations with our Partners at Penn about building community through practices of collective learning.

Series Two: Political Empathy

A series of conversations about deep understanding or empathy around political difference from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Series One: Listening

A series of conversations about the power of listening, both as a necessary part of civil dialogue, as well as a skill that can be activated through many different modalities.

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