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The SNF Paideia Program promotes opportunities for service, wellness, engaged citizenship, and dialogue. Engage with Penn students, faculty, and staff through Paideia-sponsored events and programming offered by our many campus partners.

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Political Empathy Lab (PEL) Reflection: Inattentive Blindness and State Politics Revealed

Political Empathy Lab (PEL) Borrows the Netter Center for Community Partnerships’s Van I want to start this reflection by thanking Rita… Read More
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In the News

Political Empathy Lab (PEL) Assembles Summer Research Team to Meet Residents of Pennsylvania and Connect Across Political Difference

Polarization around political and social issues is galvanizing voters to protect one version of America against a different vision… Read More
visitors to a natural reserve walking through grass back to their vehicles. Blue skies and trees in distance.

Where Trade Winds Blow and Americans Take Vacation

During spring break of March 2024, I traveled to Puerto Rico as part of the class “Crafting an Ethnography of Vulnerability” taught by… Read More
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Connecting with Philadelphia’s Green Spaces While Fostering Community

Throughout my time at Penn, I have taken several Paideia courses, one being Nature Rx with Dr. Elizabeth Mackenzie this past fall. The… Read More
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Penn Today

The Conflict Over the Conflict

Kenneth S. Stern published “The Conflict Over the Conflict: The Israel/Palestine Campus Debate” four years ago, but his book has… Read More
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Most People Don’t Know Who You Are, and That’s Okay: Sense of Self and Humility at Penn

In my life, I’ve been self-centered—as is typical. As humans, we focus on our own needs and lives more than any other individual’s.… Read More
Penn Today

Future of the GOP

Two former staffers in Donald Trump’s White House outlined their views on how the GOP can move away from MAGA, bring back bipartisanship,… Read More
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Penn Today

Discussing open expression on college campuses

During a Tuesday lunchtime event, Penn professor and education and political philosopher Sigal Ben-Porath discussed the accelerating… Read More

Opportunities for Action

Penn In Washington Club

The Penn in Washington (PIW) Club organizes and supports students interested in exploring careers in DC. The student group offers engaging programs and activities on-campus with students throughout the academic year. During the summer, the club brings together students and alumni in the DC-metropolitan area for social and speaker events. Learn about career opportunities, public service, networking, and more from our Penn in DC Instagram. The club is open to all students and there is no application process; however, participants must RSVP to attend events and can do so by signing up for the PIW weekly mailing on the PIW website.

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Fox Leadership Program Fellowship

The Fox Leadership Program Fellowship is a paid, part-time position for undergraduate students seeking civic-minded opportunities. Fellows are paired with a nonprofit organization focused on issues facing the Philadelphia community, and work roughly 10 hours a week with their nonprofit during the semester.

Applications for the fall semester fellowships are typically due mid- to late-August and interviews typically take place the last week of August or first week of September.


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PORES Fellowship

The PORES Student Research Fellowship is a paid, part-time position for undergraduate students interested in data analysis for the social sciences. Fellows work roughly 10 hours a week with PORES faculty members conducting research on politics, public opinion, and voting habits in the United States and abroad.

Application deadlines:

Semester Deadline
Fall Semester August 22
Spring Semester November 21
Summer February 27
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