Deepen your Penn experience.

Beginning in sophomore year, SNF Paideia Fellowships provide the opportunity for select cohorts of Penn undergraduates to more fully integrate wellness, service, citizenship, and dialogue through a structured combination of academic courses, co-curricular events, and hands-on experiences.

Fellowship Information

An interconnected education.

The SNF Paideia Fellowship Program is tailored to help students connect their general education and major requirements to public engagement and community building through meaningful dialogue across difference.

Facilitating Dialogue

Foster the practice of robust and respectful civil dialogue across a wide range of political, social, and cultural differences within the Penn experience.

Cultivating Citizenship

Support students as they integrate their public roles as citizens into their academic, personal, and professional lives in healthy, sustainable, and fulfilling ways.

Creating Opportunities

Provide and highlight curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students to acquire the tools to effectively contribute to their local, national, and global communities.

From Our Executive Director

Paideia can help all of us navigate these times of polarization and disagreement, reflect on how to best engage with others, and build skills for interacting with people who are different than ourselves.

headshot of Leah Anderson
Leah Seppanen Anderson
SNF Paideia Executive Director and co-instructor for SNF Paideia Fellows Proseminar Course

Structure of the Program

Seminars for Fellows

Participate in a sophomore year and junior year proseminar designed to build skills and community among the Fellows.


Take three Paideia designated courses focusing on relevant aspects of dialogue across difference, public service, and personal and social wellness.

Capstone Project

Complete a senior capstone project that integrates a Fellow’s major with civic dialogue, service, and/or wellness.

Nominate and student for a fellowship.

Faculty and staff may nominate a student for an SNF Paideia Fellowship in the spring semester of their first year.

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