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Eight Habits Started During Quarantine

Can times of intense social stress lead to personal growth?

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor by law enforcement have revealed much about our society. The systemic racism in our criminal justice system, the racial and economic inequality that produces higher infection and fatality rates among people of color are but two of the many conclusions we are uncovering. These are difficult realizations and can lead to unsettled feelings or stressful conversations with family and friends.

Alia J. Crum, assistant professor of psychology at Stanford University says that, although stress can have negative effects, adopting the right mindset can negate the effects of extreme stress. There are tools available for dealing with stress, such as the Stanford SPARQ’s toolkit.

Are there some positive things we will take out of this time of this moment of extreme social stress?

Sigal Samuel recently compiled a list of 8 habits Vox readers said they started during quarantine and want to continue into the future.

  1. Reducing consumerism
  2. Slowing down and putting less pressure on ourselves
  3. Prioritizing family and friends
  4. Ethical action and activism in our highly interconnected world
  5. Exercising daily
  6. Baking, vegetarian cooking and growing herbs
  7. Spending more time in nature
  8. Working from home, if possible

Social activism in the context of the quarantine has grounded it in a particular way. Some of the practices we have cultivated during this time have positively impacted the way we live and this has influenced the way we think and act towards social issues. There are things we may want to take with us from this moment.

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