Explore opportunities for service, wellness, dialogue, and civic engagement at Penn.

Penn has a long tradition of helping students to develop their civic identities and to integrate them with their personal and professional lives. The SNF Paideia Program serves to amplify and connect students with a wide variety of options for cultivating the knowledge, skills, and ethical frameworks necessary to be informed, engaged, and effective community members.

Penn student Nhieu is planting the Class of 2023 tree with the Penn Quaker.

Children’s Healthcare is a Legal Duty (CHILD USA)

The 2020 Spring Fox Fellows with CHILD USA. will work with the CHILD USA Founder and CEO Professor Marci Hamilton on four main research projects: a project tracking educational neglect statues across the county; a project investigating judicial training on child sex abuse in the family court system across the United States; a project involving research for the Game Over Commission for Youth Athletes studying the Nassar Sex Abuse Scandal; and research projects involving Statute of Limitation Reform. To apply, send an email to foxleadership@upenn.edu with a resume and a cover letter specifying your interest in this fellowship. In the letter, describe how the Fellowship will help you explore a particular career path and/or develop a specific skill. Applications are due November 30, 2020.

PORES Student Research Fellowships

The fellowship runs during each academic semester and over the summer, pairing Penn undergraduate students with PORES faculty who are conducting research on political outcomes in the United States using public opinion and election-related data. PORES is a research program within the Department of Political Science that aims to train students in the science of polling and analysis of election data. The application for the spring semester is due November 23.

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Penn Program for Public Service Summer Internship

The Penn Program for Public Service (PPPS) Summer Internship is an 11-week multi-faceted summer program that immerses approximately 10-12 undergraduates in real-world problem solving in the West Philadelphia-Penn community. PPPS is open to Penn undergraduates who will be rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Application deadline for Summer 2021 is Sunday, January 24, 2021.

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PHENND AmeriCorps VISTA Program

Interested in making an impact on students, families, and communities in Philadelphia? Become an Americorps VISTA and support local nonprofits and schools in the fight against poverty. Attend an Information Session on Tuesday, November 17 or Monday, December 14 for more details.

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Office of Social Equity and Community Internship

Interns will work closely with the Directors of the Office of Social Equity and Community to design and oversee initiatives that promote and support communication, collaboration, and research within the Penn community. Together they will seek to advance the University’s mission of fostering social equity, diversity, and inclusion. For more information or a copy of the application , please contact Scott Filkin, Director, Office of Social Equity and Community, filkin@upenn.edu.

Community Service Work-Study

Apply your federal work-study award to community service jobs.

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Academically Based Community Service Courses

ABCS courses involve service rooted in and intrinsically connected to teaching, research, practice, and reflection. Students engage in hands-on, real-world problem-solving learning opportunities that help them become active citizens and lifelong learners.

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Volunteer with University-Assisted Community Schools

UACS programs involve literacy, science, nutrition, college access, arts and culture, and more. Penn students can engage year-round with kindergarten-12th grade UACS sites in West Philadelphia through work-study and volunteer positions.

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Penn in Washington

Events, alumni networking, courses, and internships related to public policy. PIW courses are offered online this year to all students. Students in these PSCI courses hear directly from people who have worked on the frontlines of domestic and international policymaking and politics in Washington, DC.

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Penn Political Union Debates

Penn Political Union is a student-led organization in which students, organized into 5 political parties, debate themselves and outside speakers. These debates include events featuring prominent public figures from journalism, politics, public policy, and academia.

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