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Countdown to Election ‘Day’: A Bipartisan Roundtable

Michael Smerconish, Eric Orts, Christine Flowers, and Ed Rendell (left to right).
Michael Smerconish, Eric Orts, Christine Flowers, and Ed Rendell (left to right).

Join the Penn Political Union and prominent political leaders, journalists, and party officials to discuss the state of the presidential race, down-ballot races, and the role of Pennsylvania this November and going forward.

Confirmed panelists include: Christine Flowers. conservative commentator and former Philadelphia Inquirer contributor; Professor Eric Orts, the Guardsmark Professor at the Wharton School; Ed Rendell, the 96th Mayor of Philadelphia and 45th Govenor of Pennsylvania; and Michael Smerconish, host of The Michael Smerconish Program on SiriusXM, host of CNN’s Smerconish and Contributor, and newspaper columnist and best-selling author.
Audience members will be able to submit questions to the panelists. Information on registering and attending will be released closer to the event.
The Penn Political Union is an undergraduate organization that features parliamentary-style deliberation on urgent contemporary issues. To represent a wide spectrum of political opinion, students affiliate with five member political parties: Libertarian, Conservative, Centrist, Liberal, and Progressive. The goal of PPU, in both debates and less formal discussions, is to fully represent political diversity while maintaining civility and openness to other outlooks.

Co-sponsored by the Andrea Mitchell Center and Penn GPA.


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