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“Dialogue Lab: America,” Film Screening and Conversation with Cast Members

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In July of 2021, twelve Americans came together in a powerful dialogue experiment on political polarization. One that would decide whether a few people could begin the process of knitting together an entire nation. These twelve — representing far right, far left, and everything in between — dared to cross lines of difference with only one goal: to see if it was possible to cross ideological, political, cultural, and even spiritual divides and find common ground.

This experience was documented in the film, “Dialogue Lab: America,” produced by the Ideos Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the research and application of Empathic Intelligence (MQ) in culture and society. The hour-long documentary tracks each participant as they voice their political opinions, come face to face with those holding different views, and, perhaps, forge a path to mutual understanding.

Following the screening, you will have the opportunity to hear from the film’s Executive Producer and some of the participants and ask questions with other Penn students, faculty, and staff.

Please note: this event is open to Penn students, faculty, and staff only. A Penn ID is required for entry.

This event is co-sponsored with Ideos Institute.

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