EngageEventsHow We Change: Social-Psychological and Communication Dynamics Event Series with Wendy Wood, Ph.D.
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How We Change: Social-Psychological and Communication Dynamics Event Series with Wendy Wood, Ph.D.

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Have you wondered why people undergo religious conversion, change their political affiliation, suddenly endorse conspiracy theories, alter their taste in music, or seek hypnosis to quit smoking? What is common to these processes of change, and how does resistance to change play out across these seemingly different contexts?

Explore these topics through an event series hosted in conjunction with the SNF Paideia designated course How We Change: Social-Psychological and Communication Dynamics taught by Dolores Albarracín.

Guest Speaker: Wendy Wood Ph.D.: Wendy Wood is a UK-born psychologist who is the Provost Professor of Psychology and Business at University of Southern California, where she has been a faculty member since 2009. Dr. Wood’s research addresses how we form and change our habits, along with the ways we explain habitual behaviors.

Registration limited to folks with a Penn ID Card. Space is limited.

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