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In Search of Political Wellness

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The past few months– from the protracted 2020 election, to the insurrection at the US Capitol building, to the change in tone and direction of the new Biden administration–have led to a range of emotional reactions. Join us as we acknowledge our shared feelings and find ways to think about accountability and action as we go forward into 2021. Our goal is to be mindful of our individual and our community wellness as we seek to connect and dialogue across political difference. We will rely on insights from psychology from Batsirai Bvunzawabaya, director of outreach at CAPS, polling and leadership from Andrew Arenge and Sandy Vogel from the Fox Leadership & PORES programs and political science from Lia Howard at the SNF Paideia program.

We encourage you to be aware of your own wellness as you attend our workshop. Consider downloading Zoom to your mobile device and taking a walk while listening or sitting outside or in a comfortable position while participating in this event.

Registration is open to the Penn community.


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