EngageEventsWay Past Normal: US Politics in 2022 and Beyond (Jamelle Bouie)
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Way Past Normal: US Politics in 2022 and Beyond (Jamelle Bouie)

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Join NYT columnist JAMELLE BOUIE in a discussion of the short and long-term threats and challenges facing US politics.

THE ANDREA MITCHELL CENTER, THE SNF PAIDEIA PROGRAM, and THE GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS ASSOCIATION welcome New York Times columnist JAMELLE BOUIE. As the 2022 midterm elections approach, with political control in Washington hanging in the balance, the focus of most pundits has been on the immediate electoral battles underway. Well versed in the minutiae of American politics, Bouie has also kept the big picture firmly in view. In his columns, he has explored the anti-democratic features built into American governance; the clauses of the Constitution that have been variously under-used or over-interpreted; and the long histories of race and class politics that have led to this point. Rather than find our way back to “normal” American politics, he suggests that now is the time to consider deep structural changes and bold new ways of envisioning democracy.

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