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Wellness and the Good Life


This module, Wellness and the Good Life, is presented in conjunction with the SNF Paideia Program and cosponsored by Harrison College House. We hope you’ll join us next week as we start to untangle the question of what it means to be well and how wellness relates to the good life.

The concept of wellness is increasingly ubiquitous in contemporary culture and discourse, but what does it actually mean to be well? Collegium Institute’s first Food for Thought module of 2022, cosponsored by the SNF Paideia Program invites students to take up this very question and explore the meaning of wellness and its relationship to the good life.

We’ll consider the relational nature of wellness, challenging a narrowly individualistic view of wellbeing and seeking to understand how individual flourishing and communal flourishing are related. We will also discuss the role of a contemplative inner life, the virtues as forms of wellbeing, and the role of social activism in the context of overall wellness. We’ll be joined by facilitators from the Collegium team as well as special guests from the SNF Paideia Program to help us think through these timely questions.

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