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Student Advisory Board

Alesia Radzyminski

College of Arts and Sciences, 2025

Born to a Polish mother and Argentinian father, Alesia grew up in New York City in a household filled with foreign languages and traditions that fostered curiosity and global awareness. She grew up speaking English and Spanish and later picked up some Polish before embarking on a journey to learn Arabic. Her fascination with Arabic language and culture began on the squash court, as Egyptian coaches and players dominated her sport, and these childhood experiences opened the door to studying in Jordan during her sophomore year of high school. There, she fell in love with the culture’s warmth and emphasis on honor and community, yet became dismayed at the divide between the Arab world and the West. For this reason, she is deeply interested in bridging regions divided by cultural differences and complex political issues, and has worked incessantly to begin doing so through the creation of a successful club, the execution of a 100-page long thesis, and copious nonprofit work—all relating to her goal. In her free time, she is an avid reader, baker, squash player, and most of all, a culture buff. She is thrilled to serve as a member of the 2022-2023 SNF Paideia Student Advisory Board Member.