AboutOur PeopleAlexander Eapen
Alexander Eapen
Fellow, Class of 2024

Alexander Eapen

Health and Societies
Elkridge, Maryland

Alexander is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences and is considering a major in Health and Societies. He serves as a cabinet member in the Undergraduate Assembly as the Equity and Inclusion Director and is also an elected representative for the School of Arts and Sciences, all of which contribute to his interest in dialogue across difference and learning about the lived experience of others. He hopes to explore career options in medicine, policy, public health, or some combination of the three and wants to use his time as an SNF Paideia Fellow to do so. Alex believes in the power of his voice and the voices of others and feels that the human voice contains the power to change minds and heal hearts if only we are willing and brave enough to share.

Deepening his inquiry into how dialogue influences the policies that govern our day-to-day lives, Alex was interning in the United States Senate in Washington, D.C. this summer. “The internship has afforded me the opportunity to directly witness what dialogue and citizenship look like in our federal government, helping me better understand what works and doesn’t work to create encompassing change.” Alex anticipates that as an SNF Paideia Fellow, he will develop skills such as leadership, recognizing wellness, and effective speaking and listening, which are all related to his academic studies and the careers that they are aligned with.