AboutOur PeopleAngel Ortiz
Fellow, Class of 2025

Angel Ortiz

Political Science
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Angel is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, with an interest in politics, history, geography, and linguistics. He hopes to major in Political Science, History, or both. His interest in discourse and deliberation began in high school when he participated in Model UN and Mock Trial. In contrast to the binary, single perspective approach of traditional debate, Angel is attracted to SNF Paideia’s emphasis on healthy dialogue that stresses viewpoint diversity and appreciates nuanced conversation. Through the SNF Paideia Fellows program, Angel wishes to be a part of a community where he feels comfortable, accepted, and engaged through shared experiences. He is also interested in developing his knowledge of democratic deliberation and empathy through passionate and ideologically diverse discussion. The close-knit nature of the program also appeals to him.

Angel’s upbringing in Puerto Rico has given him a different view of issues that are often controversial in the United States. For example, he believes that US and Puerto Rico have different expectations for what active citizenship looks like. Furthermore, the four pillars of the program complement his academic interests in politics and international relations. Angel views dialogue as key for democracy and effective policymaking. He is also a fervent believer in the power of dialogue in diplomatic settings, and in the role of empathy in promoting mutual understanding on polarizing issues. Encouraging a culture of wellness in politics and a promoting a fertile environment for productive discussion is important to him. Angel believes in service as a fundamental guiding principle in politics. Angel has participated in petition signing and canvassing in the past and hopes to get involved in more activities helping everyday people, especially those disillusioned with modern American politics play a bigger role within American democracy.