AboutOur PeopleAngelina Oh
Angelina Oh headshot
Fellow, Class of 2023

Angelina Oh

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
San Diego, CA

Angelina draws from her volunteer experiences in high school and her involvement in Civic House, Penn Policy Consulting, and the Korean Student Association, to inform her passions for the future. In high school she worked with the United Nations Association of San Diego (UNASD), the local branch of an international organization dedicated to fostering support for the initiatives and Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. As the co-chair of the Youth Advisory Board at the UNASD, Angelina helped plan and promote community events to make them more appealing to youth.

At Penn, Angelina became involved as a student coordinator for the Dine and Discuss program and a member of the Civic House Student Advisory Council, providing her immersive experiences in wellness and dialogue, two key pillars of the SNF Paideia Fellows program. Angelina’s involvement at Civic House inspired her to apply to be a SNF Paideia Fellow and she looks forward to deepening her experiential understanding of wellness, service, citizenship, and dialogue through the program.

Her current academic focus is on politics and economics and she aspires to pursue a career at the intersection of social impact and business. Angelina is intent on designing an educational experience that fosters civic values and prepares her to be an effective leader in a complex and diverse world. She believes that each citizen has a responsibility to make active contributions to bettering their community and hopes to use her experience, leadership, and her voice to inspire others.

Through the Fellows proseminar, I began to dive into the world of impact investing and realized the possibility to combine my career interest in finance and my passion for civic engagement, social justice, and environmental awareness. I never expected the SNF Paideia Fellows program to clarify the internal conflict I was having with my professional interests, but it did that and more. With guidance from the proseminar instructors, I discovered the intersection of business and social impact and now have a clearer sense of my path forward.

During the summer, 2020, Angelina interned abroad. She reflects on, “The Challenge of Flexibility,” that comes with an international internship during a pandemic for the Penn Abroad blog.