AboutOur PeopleBelle Zou
Woman with blonde hair pulled back smiling at camera outdoors with sunset in background wearing a black long-sleeved top
Fellow, Class of 2027

Belle Zou

Marketing, Psychology

Belle Zou is in the Wharton School planning to concentrate in marketing and minor in psychology. Of all the pillars of SNF Paideia, she looks forward to dialogue most. Through interdisciplinary discussions, she is excited to learn from diverse perspectives on how to craft compelling stories about the people and values of organizations to drive sustainable and inclusive change in the business world. She is especially excited to take courses such as Peace Communications and Grit Lab.  

You can find Belle dancing with her students from CityStep Penn, a nonprofit dance education organization that partners with elementary and middle schools in west and south Philadelphia. Beyond dance, whether it be journaling or taking them to spend the day on Penn’s campus, she strives to create an environment where her students feel welcomed and attuned to their wellness through mind and body. Belle is excited to develop her mentorship and communication skills through SNF Paideia to further empower, support, and uplift her students. 

During high school, Belle co-founded Mei Cha, the first boba shop in her town. Leveraging her passion for her cultural food, she organized cultural festivals that fostered unity and appreciation in her community amidst post-pandemic tensions. Now, at Penn, she seeks to delve into the intersection of entrepreneurship, marketing, cultural heritage, and sustainability. She is particularly interested in researching this intersection in Philadelphia’s Chinatown and heritage sites around the world.