AboutOur PeopleDeborah Olatunji
Headshot of Deborah Olatunji
Fellow, Class of 2024

Deborah Olatunji

Psychology, Comparative Literature
New Castle, Delaware

Deborah, or Deb as her friends like to call her, is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences. She hopes by joining the SNF Paideia Fellows program that she will be a part of a family of empathetic listeners and dynamic problem-solvers who have a desire to make social change on an individual and community level. She is driven to be engaged and bring her community together in the pursuit of mental health and education advocacy through the exploration of self and society.

I am curious about we can bridge conversations on mental health advocacy into every area of our lives, especially in the academic world. Citizenship has been redefined over the past year and intentional empathy is more important than ever before.

Deborah sees the practice of intentional dialogue with others as an opening to allow her to think critically and deeply about current issues such as racial injustice, gender inequality, voter suppression, and climate change.

Deborah is the host of a talk show, The Voices of Disruption Podcast, where she brings communities together to share stories of culture, reflection, empathy, vulnerability, and joy. The show’s catchphrase, “let’s disrupt together now!” was modeled after Deborah’s philosophy of collective empowerment, the idea of amplifying the people around her in their own definitions of success while pursuing what wakes her up!

Writing has recently become a mindful practice of articulating what thoughts and ideas I have, helping me stay grounded through moments of uncertainty. I see my journey as an SNF Paideia Fellow as unwritten, and I hope to find more ways to be vulnerable and expressive as I navigate the new.