AboutOur PeopleEleni Pisinos
Headshot of Eleni Pisinos
Fellow, Class of 2024

Eleni Pisinos

Political Science
Tullahoma, Tennessee

Eleni joins us from the College of Arts and Sciences and plans to major in Political Science. She hopes to use the SNF Paideia Fellowship as an opportunity to improve her public speaking skills and her ability to discuss contentious issues in a civilized manner in order to engage with her local and global communities. Using her experience in a family with diverse perspectives, she wishes to cultivate dialogue by applying what she has learned and to expand upon it with faculty, professors, and fellow students in the program. Eleni is interested in a career as an international human rights lawyer and hopes to use dialogue to understand differences between individuals and to bridge social, cultural, and political divides.

As an aspiring international lawyer, I find it extremely important to grasp and engage with different perspectives. The program provides me the opportunity to work closely with a diverse cohort of SNF Paideia Fellows commonly invested in civil dialogue. This, combined with my academic interest in political science, serves as an invaluable stepping-stone to becoming a human rights attorney.

Outside the classroom, Eleni volunteers with her brother hosting free tennis lessons in their local community. “It’s the perfect opportunity for us to increase youth involvement and interest in our favorite sport and the chance for kids of all ages to go outside and take a step away from technology. Through these activities, tennis has a continued legacy in my town and shapes the future players for our school teams.” As an SNF Paideia Fellow, Eleni looks forward to finding and maintaining balance with the four pillars of the program, wellness, service, citizenship, and dialogue, integrating a whole person approach while pursuing academically rigorous studies.