Headshot of woman with long dark hair smiling at the camera in front of brick wall with window wearing a black blazer and white shirt
Fellow, Class of 2027

Endy Huynh


Endy Huynh is an undergraduate Nursing student in the Class of 2027.  With a minor in chemistry and neuroscience, she aims to leverage her interdisciplinary knowledge to develop culturally sensitive interventions for autism. Her drive lies in accurately diagnosing and addressing neurological impairments in individuals through tailored support and treatment strategies. She loves to provide social programming that instills a sense of class and school spirit, as well as to break through social barriers through her involvement as the Class Board 2027 School of Nursing chair, PEER, the United Minorities Council, and Nursing Students for Global Health. As an SNF Paideia Fellow, engaging with civic dialogue not only expanded her understanding of health inequities but also sharpened her research and critical thinking abilities. Through this holistic approach, she aspires to become a catalyst for change, addressing health disparities at every stage of the nursing process and contributing meaningfully to her Philadelphia community.