AboutOur PeopleHana Stauss
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Fellow, Class of 2024

Hana Stauss

Major in Cognitive Science (Computation & Cognition) , Minor in Design
Newport Beach, California

Hana is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences and hopes to pursue a major in Design with a double minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship and Data Science. She appreciates the SNF Paideia Program’s emphasis on bridging intellectual discourse and practical application. Beyond admiring the overall mission and purpose of SNF Paideia, Hana is curious about the long term, beneficial impacts on a particular community after incorporating wellness, service, citizenship, and dialogue. Short term impact is always notable and often given the most focus, but Hana seeks to find a deeper meaning by providing experiences which instill long term benefits within a community.

Outside of school, Hana is engaged in the Women in Computer Science club where she continues to be awed and motivated by the strong community of females pursuing the technology industry. Hana recognizes some of the barriers in computer science education and the struggles of women in computer science. Through the SNF Paideia Program, Hana plans to offer free coding classes to middle school girls in West Philadelphia. She hopes to work in the community to foster a sense of holistic civic engagement and to communicate with people with differing backgrounds and perspectives. She is passionate about creating effective, sustainable products for social good through the intersection between design and technology.