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Fellow, Class of 2024

Hannah Norman

International Relations
Newport News, Virginia

Hannah is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences and is pursuing a major in International Relations. She is interested in exploring a career in law or journalism and is particularly interested in applying the dialogue and service components of the Paideia Fellowship program in an international context. She lived in Cambodia for 8 years before coming to Penn and observed the way many other fields impacted governance and international relations, including how bilateral relations influenced medication shipment and healthcare protocol, how arts were used as a medium for influencing governance, and how conflicting interpretations of international law influenced trials of political figures.

Over the summer, Hannah is working as a research assistant with PURM studying how international organizations function, a topic relevant both to her intended major and components of the SNF Paideia Fellows program, as dialogue across a variety of contexts is an integral part of the functioning of international organizations. She has also written for the Daily Pennsylvanian and the Penn Political Review and is interested in the use of both creative writing and journalism as mediums for sparking dialogue and understanding. Throughout the SNF Paideia Fellows Program, she hopes to further explore the intersection between law and social impact and learn more about civic dialogue on a global scale.