AboutOur PeopleIan Mijael Zang
Fellow, Class of 2025

Ian Mijael Zang

Philosophy, Politics and Economics, International Relations
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Through the SNF Paideia Fellows Program, Ian hopes to continue his well-trod path of constructive disagreement. Having grown up in Argentina, he has experienced firsthand the harm political polarization or La Grieta (Argentine political divide) can cause. “As a student, activist, teacher assistant, research assistant, project developer, and youth counselor who has suffered personally from the consequences of polarization, I think there is a need to export the academic way of disagreeing to public discussion.” Integrating the pillars of SNF Paideia with his academic studies as a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major, Ian plans to further develop his understanding of obstacles in civic engagement and policy both domestically and internationally.

Ian has a deep interest in fairness and morality, government policies, and economic development. Through his academic course work, he is exploring complex questions such as: is Free-Trade the best approach for developing nations? Should countries that have a high standard of living and large GDP pay reparations for climate change to countries with a lower standard of living and a much lower GDP? Which policies would a Rawlasian policy platform include? Ian’s academic pursuits are fueled by a deep commitment to service and the well-being of the communities he identifies with.

Whether it takes the form of a career in public service, diplomacy, law, or the B corporation sector, my goal is to build an academic and professional career based on SNF Paideia values. In the broadest of terms, the SNF Paideia Program exemplifies what I came looking for at Penn: an education that shall prepare me to become a global-minded citizen whose professional path is defined by a strong commitment to civic engagement through public policy, the law, social entrepreneurship, and direct service to my communities.

Ian appreciates the qualities of intellectual humility and academic rigor reflected in the SNF Paideia framework and looks forward to being part of the community of students, faculty, and staff striving towards a dialogic approach to understanding.