AboutOur PeopleIsobel Glass
Fellow, Class of 2025

Isobel Glass

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Beverly, MA

Isobel is pursuing a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major and History and Legal Studies minor in the College of Arts and Sciences at Penn. Her interest in history and philosophy started during high school when she developed an appreciation for the role critical dialogue with others plays in understanding past and current events from all perspectives. As an SNF Paideia Fellow, Isobel looks forward to building her understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication in successful discourse.

One area of study Isobel is particularly interested in is the American criminal justice system. She was recently selected to be a programming and communications associate for the Penn Undergraduate Law Journal and she hopes to learn more about themes of justice, redemption, privilege and how the law can both help and hurt those it was designed to protect. The SNF Paideia pillars of service and citizenship relate to Isobel’s interest in justice and the law and she looks forward to taking SNF Paideia designated courses that can help her integrate dialogic skills with her academic interests.

Isobel’s parents are from Canada and Ireland and her family moved around a lot before settling in her current home of Beverly, MA. The experience of living in different cultures both nationally and internationally exposed her to a broad range of world views. She values difference and bridging people with different perspectives through inclusivity. In high school, Isobel served in different leadership roles including as a student government proctor in her dorm, captain of the Girls Varsity Soccer team, Climate Curriculum Ambassador, board member of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Club and Andover Ambassador of Admissions.

I have always sought to create cohesion, unity and a sense of purpose among those from different backgrounds in an effort to unite others.

Isobel looks forward to engaging with the community of fellows and contributing the lessons of inclusivity and embracing difference to the group.