AboutOur PeopleJane Muni
Woman with long hair smiling at the camera wearing a blue shirt that says Penn Nursing. Photos is taken outdoors against greenery with white flowers.
Fellow, Class of 2024 Staff

Jane Muni

Nursing/SNF Paideia Program Intern
Nairobi, Kenya

Jane is a student in the School of Nursing pursuing a degree in Nursing. She hopes that her time as a SNF Paideia Fellow will help her to develop her own voice and the skills to empower others to advocate for improved health outcomes for women—especially for women of color. As an international student from Kenya, she will bring a unique perspective from her experience in her home community. She hopes to embrace opposition through listening and dialogue to help communicate with others and develop innovative ideas.

The SNF Paideia program will complement Jane’s major as she will be able to merge her diverse interests in wellness, particularly in mental health and healthcare disparities among women of color, as well as public speaking. Jane is most curious about how dialogue can be used as a way to influence important policies. Outside of school, Jane enjoys painting as a form of expression and wellness.