AboutOur PeopleJaymaba Ndiaye
Fellow, Class of 2025

Jaymaba Ndiaye

Health and Societies
Philadelphia, PA

Jaymaba is pursuing a degree in Health and Societies in the College of Arts and Sciences and plans to work in the public health sector, with an emphasis on serving underrepresented communities. A child of immigrant parents, Jaymaba has witnessed firsthand the inequities in the healthcare system often experienced by marginalized groups. She looks forward to integrating her academic pursuits with the SNF Paideia Fellows Program, deepening her commitment to civic engagement.

In high school, Jaymaba was a member of the Girls Diaspora Club, a group expressly for African girls with a talent for STEM. It was in this group that she learned the importance of building trust and allowing for vulnerability when in community with others. Jaymaba eventually gained a leadership position as she became the youth advocate for her group when there was miscommunication amongst the students and adults. She is interested in further cultivating her practice of dialogue at Penn and in particular with the SNF Paideia Program.

Jaymaba enjoys the intellectual rigor of Penn’s academic culture and is eager to seek out independent research and projects.

My particular interest in participating in the SNF Paideia Fellows Program stems from wanting to take advantage of an opportunity where I can grow not only academically but personally as well. I value dialogue and discussing topics through a critical lens, strengthening my problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Jaymaba looks forward to being a part of the tight-knit cohort and connecting with and learning from her peers. Connecting as co-citizens of different overlapping circles of community.

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