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Jeremy McInerney

College of Arts and Sciences
Classical Studies

Professor McInerney has been at the University of Pennsylvania since 1992, teaching both undergraduate and graduate level courses including Greek History, Demosthenes, the Greek World after Alexander, Religion and the Polis, Greek Epigraphy, Polybius, Greek Sanctuaries, and, most recently, the SNF Paideia designated course, Rhetoric and the Community.

The class is designed to improve the quality of students’ speaking abilities. Through debates, impromptu speeches, and other types of oral reports, students develop their skills as speakers. The emphasis is on practical advice, constant positive criticism, and an active exploration of the art of oratory.

In a Penn Today article published prior to the launch of the class, McInerney said this about the course:

It will emphasize the role of effective oral communication in contributing to a higher level of engagement and discourse in the community.

McInerney says. “The class will be particularly helpful to those planning careers in advocacy, public service, teaching, and other areas where confident, thoughtful, and articulate communication are important.” He adds, “The Niarchos Paideia Program is an excellent venue for reinvigorating civic engagement as a fundamental aspect of the Penn undergraduate experience.”

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