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Student Advisory Board

Jerry Cai

College of Arts and Sciences, 2024

Jerry Cai is studying Cognitive Neuroscience in the College with a minor in Healthcare Management. Originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Jerry is passionate about backpacking, photography and travel. He loves exploring new trails and hiking with family and friends. He also enjoys skiing and fly fishing, all activities that he can continue to do while exploring the world. Jerry is a fan of basketball and tennis and he watches March Madness games and Wimbledon religiously. He played tennis on his high school varsity team and continues to play on the club tennis team at school. He loves watching dramas and classic movies based on true events. He listens to  podcasts including the All In Podcast, Tim Ferriss, How I Built This, and Peter Attia. He especially enjoys rap and alternative music and some favorite books include Inner Game of Tennis, A Walk in the Woods, Life of Pi, Freakonomics  and Outliers.