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Keahnan Washington

College of Arts and Sciences
Critical Writing

Dr. Keahnan Washington is a lecturer in critical writing at the Marks Family Center for Excellence in Writing at the University of Pennsylvania. Washington holds a joint PhD in African American studies and sociocultural anthropology from Yale University. In addition to teaching courses in critical writing, he has coordinated project-focused writing workshops and introduced writers to modes of ethnographic writing. Prior to his academic career, he sharpened his editing skills—from proofreading to developmental editing—as an office manager charged with reviewing business correspondences as well as academic manuscripts, grants, and presentations for professional conferences. His publications have appeared in Texas Public Health Journal, Journal of Child and Family Studies, Journal of African American History, Journal of Religious and Theological Information, and Anthropology News magazine. He has also served as a scriptwriter for a digital web series and is inspired by working with novice and expert writers alike.