Woman with long brown hair smiling at camera outdoors wearing light pink dress in front of green tree with white flowers
Fellow, Class of 2027

Lilah Harvey

International Relations, Legal Studies/Spanish
Rochester, New York

Lilah Harvey is currently studying International Relations with potential minors in Legal Studies and Spanish here at Penn. She is very interested in the intersection between domestic politics, international law, and how different cultures shape the former. She has enjoyed working for nonprofit organizations in the past and hopes to continue this type of work, potentially on the legal side. Her primary interests lay in understanding how perspectives and opinions are formed and to what extent these ideas are shaped by the fusion of different backgrounds and cultures.  

As an SNF Paideia Fellow, Lilah hopes to expand her perspectives and engage in meaningful conversations with her peers about varying topics. From Rochester, NY, her interest in dialogue and citizenship truly sparked during the 2016 election when her father took her to visit Susan B. Anthony’s grave after voting. Seeing the huge line of voters going to Susan B. Anthony’s grave to honor the woman who fought so hard for women to gain the right to vote and participate in important dialogues made her more interested in learning about different perspectives around her. This day made it clear that Lilah would want to pursue a career focused on citizenship and furthering dialogue.  

While Lilah spends her four years at Penn, she is excited by the ability to bond and learn from her cohort of fellows and to better develop the four pillars of the Paideia program.