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Lyle Ungar

Professor of Computer and Information Science

Professor Lyle Ungar is a computer scientist who is interested in developing new tools and methods to glean psychological information, such as emotional well-being, from large-scale corpora.

Some of the fundamental questions that Professor Ungar is interested in include:

  • How does language vary based on people’s emotions and personalities?
  • How can we estimate well-being around the world from social media language?
  • How can chatbots be given personality?
  • What improvements to deep learning will most improve natural language processing?


Dr. Ungar directed Penn’s Executive Masters of Technology Management (EMTM) Program for a decade, and served as Associate Director of the Penn Center for BioInformatics (PCBI). He has published over 250 articles and holds ten patents. His current research focuses on statistical natural language processing, deep learning, and the use of social media to understand the psychology of individuals and communities.

Lyle has consulted for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies on strategic use of information technology in areas including data mining, business process automation, online auction design, and chatbots.