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Patrick Wehner

College of Arts and Sciences
Critical Writing

Patrick Wehner has taught writing with the Critical Writing Program since its inception in 2003. He was part of the administration, writing curricular material and reports as well as assisting in hiring. He coauthored publications in writing studies and has research and opinion pieces in English and Composition journals.

Prior to coming to Penn, he earned his PhD at Emory University in American Studies. In Atlanta, he was an assistant editor for the Southern Regional Council, a nonprofit civil rights organization, where he wrote news updates, reviews, features, and AmeriCorp publications. He was involved in the Journalism program at Emory and organized community meetings in Anniston, Alabama, which was dealing with stored chemical weapons. He assisted in conferences and authored a white paper for a Sloan Center for Working Families, and his paper was republished by a communications professor at Universidad Javeriana in Bogata, Columbia.

Since moving to Philadelphia in 2002, Patrick has participated in volunteer initiatives, including holding drop-ins at the Free Library for writing feedback, working with pre-freshman students, and participating in post-Baccalaureate health applications. Recently, he was certified as a mentor for Magee Rehabilitation Hospital and participates in group meetings on traumatic brain injuries. Beyond Philadelphia he continues to have deep connections to Appalachia.