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Pavan Iyengar

College of Arts and Sciences, 2024

Pavan is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences and a student in the Vagelos MLS Program, with plans to major in biochemistry. He hopes to broaden his education to gain a better understanding of how to bring about change. As an aspiring physician, he sees health as a complex interplay between personal, societal, and political factors. Part of his future role as a physician and scientist will be to build trust with the public, offering guidance and expertise on relevant policy questions and calling out questionable interpretations of data. This requires skill in dialogue and a community-oriented mindset that is at the core of the SNF Paideia Program.

We already know that input from professionals and experts in various fields can make a difference when it comes to developing public trust and encouraging action. What intrigues me are the factors in each circumstance that determine which type of information could be most effective. When should those with relevant knowledge take to the media to speak to the most people at once and when is it advantageous for experts to work individually with those closest to them?

Beyond his formal academic studies, Pavan works to promote wellness in his surrounding community through MERT, the School’s volunteer EMT squad. Example services this group provides include lessons in CPR and Narcan administration, which are both easy-to-learn lifesaving skills that anyone can use. For his own physical and mental wellness, Pavan swims and exercises regularly. Pavan also volunteers with WeCanSwim, a club that teaches local children how to swim.