AboutOur PeopleRaphael Kalatzis
photo of Raphael Kalatzis

Raphael Kalatzis

SNF Paideia Program Intern

Raphael is a first-year mechanical engineering student at the University of Pennsylvania. From his Greek heritage, he recognizes first-hand the importance of civic engagement in today’s society. Wanting to promote and understand harmony among the student body, Raphael’s interests are highly aligned with the goals of SNF Paideia. As a student worker, he wishes to support the program’s initiatives while developing professionally.

In the past, Kalatzis founded an organization that provided free tutoring to younger students in his community while simultaneously creating volunteer and leadership opportunities for his fellow high schoolers. Additionally, Raphael was elected to represent and lead his peers as Class Vice President & Officer during his time in high school.

In his free time, Raphael loves to watch and play soccer.