AboutOur PeopleSadiqua Khan
Headshot of woman with long black hair and glasses smiling at the camera against a brick background a black leather chair
Fellow, Class of 2027

Sadiqua Khan

College of Arts and Sciences
Queens, New York

Sadiqua Khan is from New York City, specifically Queens! She is a QuestBridge Scholar at Penn and identifies as First-Generation, Low-Income. Sadiqua is also in a 7 year fellowship with the Opportunity Network. At Penn, she is involved in QuestBridge Board at Penn and FGLI Dean Advisory Board, along with being a Matriculate advising fellow. 

Sadiqua was introduced to SNF Paideia through her first-year writing seminar on the Paideia designated course “Sense of Belonging.” The class not only allowed her to have meaningful conversation with her peers, but also gave the opportunity to explore South Asian students’ sense of belonging. At Penn, she hopes to learn more about the Model Minority Myth, as well as implicit bias within the judicial system.  

Through her involvement with the SNF Paideia Fellows Program, Sadiqua hopes to become a more effective and engaged member of her community. She is excited to interact with her cohort and hear from different perspectives, as well as developing educationally, professionally, and socially.