AboutOur PeopleSerene Safvi
SNF Paideia Fellow Serene Safvi
Fellow, Class of 2026

Serene Safvi

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics
Chicago, IL

Serene Safvi joins us from the College of Arts and Sciences studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Serene aspires to work in the political circuit being a political consultant. She hopes to dedicate her work to bettering the system of government by increasing voter rights, facilitating legislation to changing election processes, and changing the political climate regarding elections. Having experience doing the groundwork of door knocking and badgering people on sidewalks to register, she aspires to eventually change the voting system from the inside out.

Through the SNF Paideia Fellowship, Serene is excited to facilitate dialogue across various disciplines through her fellows class. She believes that fostering dialogue allows for communities to form and work cohesively. Believing that once respectful dialogue is achieved, the end result facilitates the ability to work collaboratively towards a common goal. Amongst different social and cultural identities, she believes that there is much more common ground to be found than what meets the surface. Once individual goals are shared, the ability to find a goal that a community shares becomes a much more feasible task.

Currently, Serene is an ambassador for a non-profit called Free the Facts, a non-partisan organization providing reliable and unbiased information to young Americans. She is also a senior deputy of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in PennDems. She hopes to use her skills acquired through the SNF Paideia Fellowship to facilitate civil dialogue in these organizations as well as outside in her everyday life.