AboutOur PeopleXiming Luo
Headshot of woman with long black hair smiling at the camera wearing a black blazer against a window with the sun setting
Fellow, Class of 2027

Ximing Luo

Digital Media Design, Economics

Ximing Luo is a student in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, pursuing a BSE in Digital Media Design and a second major in Economics. Her journey at Penn is marked by a profound engagement with integrating art and technology, which she explores through her work in augmented and virtual reality. As an Augmented Reality Research Assistant at Penn Medicine, Ximing has optimized MRI image segmentation and developed interactive 3D models for medical training and diagnostics with the Microsoft HoloLens. Her commitment to merging technology with practical applications is also evident from her previous research as a Human-Computer Interaction Research Assistant at Johns Hopkins University, where she designed an interactive educational app tailored for children with autism, demonstrating the potential of digital solutions in enhancing learning experiences. 
In addition to her academic and research endeavors, Ximing is a member of Penn SIGGRAPH, where she dives deeper into her interest in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Through SIGGRAPH, she engages in technical workshops and projects, such as developing a VR painting app, which allows her to apply dynamic parameters in 3D tools. Additionally, Ximing serves as Freshmen Representative for Penn Women in Computer Science and the Director of Marketing for FemmeHacks, actively contributing to creating an inclusive environment for women and non-binary individuals in technology fields. These roles have allowed her to develop a supportive network and advocate for diversity and inclusion within the tech community, fostering a culture of empowerment and support. 
As an SNF Paideia Fellow, Ximing is excited to further enhance her educational experience through the program’s emphasis on dialogue, wellness, citizenship, and service. She looks forward to engaging in meaningful discussions that bridge diverse perspectives, exploring how technology can serve broader societal goals, and using her digital media and computer science skills to contribute to sustainable development. At Penn, Ximing hopes to advance her professional skills and nurture her role as a global citizen to make a significant impact in both her local and global communities.”