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Yajjat Sekhsaria

School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2025

Yajjat “Jay” Sekhsaria is a Junior at the School of Engineering and Wharton, focusing on Systems Engineering and Statistics. Originally from Mumbai, India. In his role as an RA at Kings Court English College Houses, Jay has initiated events that facilitate discussions among students. He’s also established a series specifically for freshmen, encouraging them to engage in dialogue. Outside structured events, it’s common for Jay to adopt different perspectives in conversations to foster a broader understanding.
Beyond academic settings and discussions, Jay has an interest in visual arts, particularly photography and cinema. He’s engaged in some independent film projects and enjoys exploring the nuances of both mediums. Additionally, he maintains a reading list that includes both non-fiction and classic literature. On quieter days, he prefers cycling in the suburbs of Philadelphia. An interesting dimension to Jay’s affinity for statistics extends to games. He’s intrigued by games like poker, which pivot on strategy and game theory. To him, such games provide a lens into understanding human behavior and system interactions, from everyday choices to intricate global policies.