AboutOur PeopleYasmin Abdul Razak
Headshot of Yasmin Abdul Razak
Fellow, Class of 2024

Yasmin Abdul Razak

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Selangor, Malaysia

Yasmin is a College of Arts and Sciences student planning on majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics as well as Sociology.

As a prospective Sociology and Political Science major, the pillars of the SNF Paideia program align very closely to my academic interests in the intersection of politics and religion. The practice of non-judgmental dialogue across different perspectives is important to build an inclusive culture that respects the beliefs and practices of religious groups, but at the same time protecting basic human rights.

Originally from Malaysia, Yasmin came to Penn to expand her academic knowledge but also, through dialogue and engagement with different social contexts, she was looking to develop a more diverse ideology and belief system. Through the SNF Paideia fellowship program, Yasmin hopes to learn how to engage in a balanced and fruitful conversation in an ethical and intersectional framework. Growing up with a Malay-Muslim identity, one of the issues Yasmin cares most deeply about is diversity. She is inspired by the program’s commitment to promoting citizenship across differences and is excited to be a part of the community.

As part of Front Row Theater (FTC), Yasmin combined her hobby of acting with service and citizenship by performing shows that address social issues. During the 2020-21 academic year, FTC performed shows that touched on global problems such as climate change, immigration, and racism. “One particular acting experience that was profound for me was when I played Oliver, someone who lives in a post-climate-disaster era, in a play called “After the Blast”. In the play, everybody had to live underground because the earth was too cold to support human life among other conditions such as ozone layer damage and destruction of biodiversity.” Yasmin is very excited to take Paideia courses that highlight themes of service, citizenship, and dialogue through non-traditional means.