AboutOur PeopleZachary Koung
Fellow, Class of 2024

Zachary Koung

Political Science
Ellicott City, MD

Zach is interested in an education that goes beyond textbook learning to include integrating skills to be a well-rounded citizen. Zach was attracted to the SNF Paideia Fellows program based on its emphasis on the core pillars of citizenship, wellness, service, and dialogue, as well as the academically rigorous course design and the tight-knit cohort of diverse students.

Zach has been civically engaged since high school when he was elected as the Student Member of the Howard County Board of Education, allowing him to vote on many important issues. He experienced firsthand the negative implications of political divisiveness as he was targeted for his stance on contentious issues. “Seeing the effects of this personally really uplifted the importance of productive dialogue for me.” This experience provided him with a more nuanced understanding of how those serving in public office behave. While serving, he had to learn to navigate his identity in public and private spaces and has since sought to help others in similar situations.

Zach is studying political science and sees a natural fit between the SNF Paideia Fellowship and his interests in politics and public service. Most of his focus in politics is on protecting and preserving democracy.

Being united can only be accomplished with dialogue, service, citizenship, and wellness.

Zach looks forward to the fellowship as an opportunity to engage in more productive dialogue and have honest and productive conversations.