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Skillshare: Scholarly Writing & Civic Tech

The PIT@Penn student group spoke with Kaitlyn Rentala (C’22), a current senior at Penn who is studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

Kaitlyn is the author of “The Public Sector Pivot: How Gen Z Will Lead a Renaissance in Public Service”, which discusses the role of young people in the public sector post-pandemic, and how to improve the public sector talent pipeline for college students.  To write her book, Kaitlyn interviewed dozens of passionate people who work in government to tell stories about motivations to enter the public sector and potential areas of growth, such as civic tech.

In her talk, Kaitlyn spoke on the process of writing her book from start to finish, discussing her interest in writing a book at the start of the pandemic, the idea for her book, and the actual writing process of interviewing people and turning their stories into material.  As Kaitlyn expressed, writing is a difficult but rewarding process, and she was able to share her challenges and what she learned to the panel attendees.

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