CoursesAmerican Race: A Philadelphia Story
ASAM 0115 / SAST 0115 / URBS 1150 / LALS 0115 / AFRC 1115

American Race: A Philadelphia Story

This course proposes an examination of race with a two-pronged approach: one that broadly links the study of race in the United States with a multi-disciplinary approach and also simultaneously situates specific conversations within the immediate location of Philadelphia, home to the University.

Mondays, 12 PM – 2:59 PM

The broad historical examination advances key concepts of race and racialization, explores key theoretical methodologies, and highlights major scholarly works. For example, students will engage with the study of race through Africana Studies, Asian American Studies, Urban Studies and through Latin American & Latinx Studies. Readings and methodologies will introduce students to critical issues in education, in literature, in sociology, and with methods in oral history, archival work, and ethnography. Most importantly, this extensive approach highlights the impact of race across multiple communities including Black Americans, immigrant populations, and communities that are marginalized to emphasize connections, relationships, and shared solidarity. Students are intellectually pushed to see the linkages and the impacts of racism across and among all Americans historically and presently. As each theme is introduced a direct example from Philadelphia will be discussed. The combination of the national discourse on race, with an intimate perspective from the City of Philadelphia, engages students both intellectually and civically. The course will be led by Fariha Khan but guest instructors with varied disciplinary backgrounds and guest speakers from local community organizations. Each instructor not only brings specific disciplinary expertise, but also varied community engagement experience.

Section Attributes
  • AFRC Social Science (AAFT)
  • ASAM Minor Related Courses (AASR)
  • LALX Latinx Diaspora (ALDI)
  • NU Sector Global&Cultural Studies (NUGC)
  • NU Sector Society&Soc Struct (NUSS)
  • SAST South Asian Major Related (ASAR)
  • SOCI Urban Sociology (ASOU)
  • URBS Comparative and Theoretical Dimensions (ARCT)

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