CoursesReligious Diversity and Democracy in Europe
PSCI 4992-301

Religious Diversity and Democracy in Europe

Mondays and Wednesdays, 1:45 pm-3:14 pm
In this course we will examine different approaches to handling religious diversity in European democratic states. Course readings and assignments include historical and contemporary case studies that examine how different religious and state institutions developed over time, how they shape the contemporary relationship between religious groups and the state, and how these arrangements influence, and are influenced by, interactions among religious groups and institutions in society.

In addition to growing our knowledge of the diverse ways that democracies may structure opportunities for dialogue across religious difference, the course will also provide opportunities to build skills for personal dialogue across different faith traditions and belief systems. Assignments will include a culminating research paper or presentation on religious diversity and democracy in the country of the student’s choosing. All students are welcome. No previous knowledge or coursework required.

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